Video Advertising

Video Ads enable you to reach potential customers as they watch and search for videos on various devices. You only pay for your Ads when the user interacts with your video, showing an interest.

YouTube is highly regarded as a search engine as well as a video platform, with users turning to the channel for both entertainment and as a source of learning.

Using the Google Ads platform in conjunction with a YouTube channel, brands and businesses have the ability to target their ideal customer wherever they are in the world.  There are unbelievable advertising and placement options available, allowing for the creation of powerful campaigns.

Why Use Adasimo® For Your Video Campaigns?

Knowing how to select and set out the right type of campaign with the right type of advert is key.  Targeting the right audience and implementing the right style of Ad, can take significant time and knowledge. 

Adasimo® simplify the whole process for you and work with you to understand your goals and objectives in order to:

  • Create the right type of campaign
  • Use the right type of video Ad
  • Combine the right targeting criteria

All to produce campaigns that deliver results and are cost-effective.

This approach involves:

  • Audience Research & Selection
  • Campaign Strategy & Planning
  • Integration With Video Platforms
  • Creating The Advertising
  • Budget & Bidding
  • Performance Analysis
  • Optimisation

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