Maintaining a secure and private Google Ads account is very important in order to keep your data and advertising safe. The Google Ads platform provides comprehensive protection from unauthorised activity and to keep your account secure. One of these security measures is through “Allowed Domains”.

By default, Google Ads restricts the use of domains that people can use when being invited to access your Google Ads account from outside of your organisation.

It ensures users outside a list of domains you approve, are not able to be invited to access your account.

For example, if “” was set as the only allowed email domain in your security settings, you would only be able to invite new users to access your account when their email address matches that domain, such as If you were inviting a new user under the email address, Google Ads security would prevent this invitation as it is not an “allowed domain”.

There could be occasions when you would like to invite a new user to access your Google Ads account who has a Google Account registered outside of your approved list of domains, such as a Paid Media specialist or agency.

Guide For Adding A Domain To Google Ads

Here, we guide you through the three simple steps to add a new domain so you can invite a new user to access your Google Ads account with an email address associated with that new domain.

Step 1 – Setup

From within your Google Ads account, click on the “Tools And Settings” option (hint: this has a spanner icon) at the top right of the Google Ads interface/page.

This will reveal a drop down menu of available options listed under 6 headings. These headings are:

Under the heading “Setup”, find and click on the “Access and Security” option.

Step 2 – Security Options

From a new page titled “Access and Security”, you will now see three tabs at the top of the page for managing the access to your Google Ads account.

These tabs are labelled as Users, Managers and Security. You will already be on the “Users” tab by default.

Below these tabs you will also see a table of the current users that have access to your account.

At the top, select the tab labelled as Security

Step 3 – Add Domain

Listed on the Security tab page will be several options, click on Allowed Domains to reveal the panel in full.

You will see the domains allowed on the account.

Click “Add domain” to add a new domain to your list of allowed domains. Enter the domain name in the box and click on Save

You’re done! You have now added a new domain to the Google Ads account and will see this listed under Allowed domains.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you see an error message in red that states “To make changes to the allowed domain list, contact an account administrator”, it means the current user does not have the required permission to add a domain.

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