Paid Search

Paid Search advertising has been our cornerstone since 2007 and continues to be at the heart of everything we do here at Adasimo®.

Whether you know it as Paid Search, PPC or Pay Per Click, for thousands of businesses it forms a vital part of their overall digital marketing strategy. 

Driven by Google Ads (formally known as Adwords) and also Microsoft Advertising (formally known as Bing Ads), the Paid Search channel has evolved over the years, however the core principles remain the same and these formulate into “best practices”.

The key to Paid Search ads today is to understand these principles and know how to manage and incorporate them into your strategy, especially with new technology now leading the channel forward into the future.

How can we help you with Paid Search Ads?

We help businesses and brands navigate the ever-changing world of paid search, saving you valuable time and money in order to achieve the very best results and maximise the return on your advertising spend.

We offer a bespoke service to help you and your business with your Google Ads paid search campaigns and Microsoft Advertising search campaigns and we also offer a full management service of all your Pay Per Click projects, focusing on:

  • Keywords & Trends
  • Account & Campaign Structure
  • Advert Selection and Copy
  • Bidding Strategies
  • Customer Profiling & Audiences
  • Optimisation & Conversion

Get in touch today and find out how Adasimo® can help your business develop through Paid Search ads.

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