How To Setup New Billing In Your Google Ads Account

If you are new to Google Ads and yet to get started with this powerful advertising platform, you may need to update or edit your billing information. To begin advertising on Google Ads, you need to have fully completed your Payments Profile. This profile would have been started at the same time your Google Ads […]

How to add a domain to your Allowed Domain List in your Google Ads account

Maintaining a secure and private Google Ads account is very important in order to keep your data and advertising safe. The Google Ads platform provides comprehensive protection from unauthorised activity and to keep your account secure. One of these security measures is through “Allowed Domains”. By default, Google Ads restricts the use of domains that […]

How to add a new user to your Google Ads account

Whether you manage your own Google Ads for your business or instruct a Paid Media agency to manage it on your behalf, at some stage you may like to invite another user to access your account. This might simply be a colleague so they can also access and assist you in managing the account, or […]